Rose's Assignment by Melina Druga

Rose excels at sweet talking.  Judith escapes north to Canada searching for freedom.  Two dissimilar women suddenly find their lives connected.  

1859. Rose Goodwin, a shopkeeper’s wife, volunteers occasionally with an anti-slavery society. Her experiences, however, leave her unprepared to accept her new assignment – nurse Judith, an ill refugee, back to health and help her discover freedom.

At first, Rose resists, believing Judith will soon die.  However, a promise to her husband that she will at least try to assist Judith turns into an obsession.  Rose will do whatever it takes to ensure not only that Judith lives but that she has the best life possible. 

What will Rose sacrifice to guarantee she completes her assignment?

Druga certainly did her research, and hits all the notes of a historical story, but it is more than just a story. It tugs at your heart. It shows how life was, and there is this connection between Judith and Rose, that almost seems impossible. A very well told story, actually, it's all about showing the story and getting to know the characters, and this certainly does that. It’s definitely un-put-downable!
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Amy Shannon
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Rose’s Assignment by Melina Druga

Publisher:  Sun Up Press

Series:  standalone historical fiction novella

Series number: n/a

Publication date:  April 2022

Available formats:  eBook, paperback, hardcover

Page count:  120 (eBook, Amazon estimate), 108 (paperback), 108 (hardcover)